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Leadville 100 Race Report: Start to May Queen: Mile 0 – 13.5

As the race started, I switched my original race plan from starting out slow (which I found to work very well at Inks Lake) to pushing myself to get to Windfield in less than 12 hours.
leadville race  may queen

The results speak for themselves (thank you Ken and Jason). I ran with Muz, Ken, Paul and Jason out to the lake. I felt great. The idea if you read Muz (it was really good but it was deleted) and Anton’s race reports is to not go out to hard or anaerobic. I realized during the run down to the lake was that I had NO IDEA how to gauge whether I was aerobic, anaerobic or not breathing. So, I just ran with adrenaline. I did my first FlipHD video update on the trail. My goal was to get to the first aid station in 2:15 but I arrived on the road just short of May Queen in 2 hours. I waited outside an outhouse for a few minutes to drop the kids off at the pool and finally got my turn. Then a runner behind me yelled at me to hurry up. So much for the desitin. As I ran into the aid station,

I shot video of the crews, fans and overall atmosphere. I asked my crew not to meet me until Fish Hatchery. Damn, this was a cool race, awesome experience and I was not going to miss a single step.  I quickly moved through the aid station and drank a coke. It looked good. This turned out to be a bad idea.