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Hacking in Energy, Made Easy?

We talk about the energy problem being very complex. Just the other day, a clean web hacker was telling me why many coders miss the mark in disrupting energy: they do NOT understand the complexities of the industry.
hacking in energy

JD Hammerly's note on Why you should fire your coders (and hire solvers instead) seems to be the vision of SURGE, it takes something complex and simplifies it down into individual parts that can be digested and nailed. But is "it" that simple? Can the BIG CODERS from energy who boast about how many lines they have written be able to pivot their mindset?

A group of incredibly smart entrepreneurs with backgrounds in part of the energy equation are working on bringing the CleanWeb Hackathon TEXAS style down to Houston. If JD is correct, the CleanWeb Hackathon, this time in Boston, is a great entrepreneurial way to disrupt organizations that cannot easily fire their coders and pivot into a new way of thinking about these problems.hacking in energy

Hackers Unite...If interested in Texas, keep posted.

Do you agree with JD?